Vanity powered learning

Photocredit: Kalle Ryökäs

This is a generalist blog exploring a range of topics. I supercharge my learning by reproducing the things I research into presentation form. Thus the ’raison d’être’ of the blog is to be a tool of personal learning.

Still, there is a reason this is a blog in public view. To indulge the exhibitionist within and in order to participate in the modern attention economy I strive for admiration by trying to produce content to at least some level of presentability.

While writing I imagine dazzling a lost soul wandering these pages with a brilliant insight that I am blessed with by Abraxas. This imaginary social reward powers the work I put in and motivates me to conduct even more and deeper research furthering my learning.

Let’s call this philosophy of self-education: ’vanity powered learning’.

The blog is bilingual. Most posts are in Finnish. The Magnum Opus of the blog is the text series ”Valta & Vapaus” or ”Power & Freedom” in English which has it’s own page. Beware! All texts are continuously edited.

Welcome and enjoy!

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Kolme Jeannea: Osa 1. Nilkuttaja

Kolme laulua ja kolme tarinaa kolmesta Jeannesta 1300-luvun Bretagnessa. Jeanne ’la boiteuse’ de Penthièvre.

Vendéen sota

Ensimmäinen osa Bretagnelaisten maakuntalauluarvostelujen sarjasta.

Parempi sosialismi?

Tarvitsemme uuden, vähemmän murhanhimoisen, vähemmän itsevarman, vähemmän apokalyptisen tieteellisen sosialismin. Lukuaika 30min.